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Dr. Rama's IVF Centres in India
If you have trouble conceiving then you have many questions like how to start ? How to find a doctor etc. we provide you a clear up to date information on that.
  • Location : Our IVF Centres in India, where couple wants to take treatment is easy to locate.
  • Stay : Our IVF Centre offers comfortable rooms and arrangements are made in the nearby good hotels.
  • On-line IVF consultation : Fertility Centre gives  advice and arrange pre-treatment for national or international couples to cut down their stay.
  • Mode of payment : IVF Centres have facility to accept credit card, bank transfer & wire transfer for payment.
  • Information of procedure : couple undergoing fertility treatment should know about their treatment procedure.
  • Facilities at our centres : Our IVF Centres have facility required like pharmacy, hormone lab, pathological lab, ultrasound scan, operation theatre to conduct minor to major infertility correction procedures, IVF treatment lab, IUI, etc.
  • Working environment : Our IVF Centres have co-operative transparent environment.
  • Experience & expertise : knowledge & expertise of our IVF Centres matters a lot
  • Emergency services : Our IVF Centres offer 24/7 contacts or any emergency services
  • Success rate : Success rate of our IVF Centres is a major part to consider that centres for Infertility, Fertility IVF Treatment.


One in seven couples of child bearing age remains infertile. Behind this statistics lay the confusion of millions of couples who are unsure as to what to do to have a Baby?

If you are one of them who are trying to conceive for more than a year without success, it may be time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist for an evaluation. The first question that comes to mind is how to select a doctor? To answer your question you can take help of friends, relatives, other infertile couple who has taken treatment previously, Internet, Yellow Pages and more simple way is to find out by our own self by doing some exercise like finding out the doctor’s qualification, training, skills and most important his/her experience in field of fertility treatment. You must see the timing of the institute, their professionalism, appointment on time, their progress, management, last but not the least their fees structure. Once you decide about the doctor, a proper counselling, investigation has to be done to check the cause of infertility. Knowing the exact cause can set you on the right path of treatment.

Our View to Treat The Infertile Couple :

We know that facing infertility is the most stressful situation; we realize the pain and frustration that become an integral part of the lives of childless couple. At our IVF center we make all the process from “Diagnostics to Treatment” as comfortable as possible. Once the cause is known for infertility we undertake the appropriate course of action. Many problems can easily be corrected with medications or surgical procedures. For couples facing more difficult challenges our ART program ranks among the best. We know- when you enter in the program, you may not know the complete scientific procedure. You may feel helpless, confused and anxious. We simply believe that–Our goal is to provide you with the state of the art medical case and an environment that fosters the best possible outcome.

How To Reach Us :

The fast growing world the best option for the fast connectivity is email or phone. You can use this for taking an appointment or a free second opinion.

If you are a outsider, NRI or Foreigner wishing to go ahead with us for your fertility treatment, you can mail us about your infertility history and other details by filling up the form given in this site. Then further correspondence can be done by email. Once it is decided for IVF/ICSI treatment to cut down your stay in India, primary medications can be started at your place and the maximum you need to stay for the treatment will be approximately 10-12 days.



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